25 Great Guitar Love Songs (And When to Play Them)

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These Are Some Of The Best Guitar Love Songs – Many You Might Have Never Heard Before!

Searching for awesome love songs on guitar? There are plenty of romantic guitar songs out there for you to discover.

While some are easy love songs on guitar, others are a little more tricky to play and sing. But they are definitely worth learning for your special person.

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Because we come from more of an acoustic background (and an indie taste in music), we have pretty extensive knowledge of the best acoustic guitar love songs.

To be fair, many of the songs on this list are done on acoustic but a handful are done on electric. In any case, you can really cover them however you like.

So, whether you want simple love song chords or specific acoustic love songs for her or him, you’re in the right place.

From popular artists and classic love songs to lesser-known indie artists you’ve never heard of, here are some top guitar love songs to play for your person!

Bloom by The Paper Kites

Starting off strong with one of our favorite acoustic guitar love songs. “Bloom” by The Paper Kites might be the exact messaging you’re looking for. Sweet and sincere, the lyrics revolve around the question “can I be close to you?”.

Featured on the Woodland EP from back in 2011, the overall sound of Bloom is mesmerizing. To play it, you’ll have to be able to pick through a few chords since that’s just how it’s done.

However, the verses and chorus are repetitive so even if you are new to learning guitar once you get the rhythm down you’ll just have to focus on the lovely lyrics.

Collide by Howie Day

If you want love songs to play on guitar, Collide definitely fits the bill.

Brought to us by the genius that is Howie Day (heavily underrated artist), Collide is one of those classic bar sing-along songs that people just know. Alternatively, it’s a lovely song to sing to the person who matters most.

“Collide” is from his 2003 album Stop All the World Now. Technically speaking, the chords and strum pattern are fairly simple to learn and play.

As for lyrics, the song centers on the theme of thinking about that other person, knowing they are thinking about you, too – and the emotions that can go with those ideals.

Fire Escape by Imaginary Future

As a personal favorite, there are few songs more beautifully written about “your person” than Fire Escape.

Written by the brilliant songwriter Jesse Epstein – the artist also known as Imaginary Future – “Fire Escape” is a light and simple song to play on acoustic.

The lyrics are what make the song have the impact that it does because it really conveys a message of hope for what the future has in store with that special someone.

You can find Fire Escape on the 2013 self-titled album (which is loaded with amazing tracks… we name another one below).

To Whom It May Concern by The Civil Wars

When it comes to cute acoustic love songs, “To Whom It May Concern” by the brilliant and beautiful duo The Civil Wars (so sad to see them split) is right up there.

This song is a sort of “back-and-forth”. It’s written as a letter sung to the one you love… whom you haven’t yet met.

Coming from the 2011 album Barton Hollow, The Civil Wars have a thing for bluegrass and acoustic sounds and lyrics that tell a story in your head.

This is a lighter song to pluck along to with a number of hammer-ons and slightly more difficult techniques. So, if you are an absolute beginner, you might have to work at this one – but it’s worth it to play for the person you love!

I’ll Be by Edwin McCain

What more can you ask for when a song centers around the lyric “I’ll be the greatest fan of your life”? “I’ll Be” by Edwin is a knock-out love song to play on guitar.

From the 1997 album Misguided Roses, this is a song that – depending on your age – you grew up with on the radio in the late 90s.

It’s been a love ballad ever since. The lyrics are really deep in places but once you learn them, you’re good to go!

Your Love by Allman Brown

Few guitar love songs are more straightforward than “Your Love” by Allman Brown. Coming off the Your Love EP from 2015, this song is a little more cryptic with the lyrics. However, the messaging is based around this guy’s love for another person.

You can learn to pick through the chords. It’s fairly repetitive – but in a nice way. There are also a few other instruments so it may sound stripped down with just guitar but we think it would sound great.

And I Love Her by The Beatles

For those looking for a real classic love track – for a person who would appreciate one of the best bands of all-time – “And I Love Her” by The Beatles is a good bet!

This gem is off of the 1964 album A Hard Day’s Night. It’s also referred to as one of the greatest albums of all-time.

Back to the song, “And I Love Her” is a pleasant song with simple lyrics that center around the anchor line “And I Love Her”. It’s a great song to profess your love to someone through a classic.

Northern Wind by City and Colour

Romantic acoustic songs come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, you’ll find a romantic guitar song when you’re not even looking for it.

“Northern Wind” is one of those songs. Sung by the brilliant musician City and Colour (aka Dallas Green), Northern Wind is off the 2011 album Little Hell.

The song has meaningful lyrics that make you go “huh, that’s awfully cute” the first time you really listen. Little Hell is an album I had in the car and would throw on for long drives. Comparing the person you love to the northern wind is beautiful imagery.

The chords aren’t too difficult – but matching Dallas’s iconic singing voice is a tough act to follow!

I Knew This Would Be Love by Imaginary Future

Did you ever think one of the top acoustic love songs would be one you haven’t heard of? Well, here we are with “I Knew This Would Be Love” by – once again – Imaginary Future. This is the second entry for this guy on this list… but for good reason.

Also from the 2013 Fire Escape album, “I Knew This Would Be Love” talks about themes like not “second guessing your heart” and even tells a bit of a “how you met” backstory.

If you are looking for a softer song and singing to someone you love who you “met on the telephone” then this song is a slam dunk to play!

Love You More by Racoon

Those looking for easy acoustic love songs shouldn’t pick “Love You More” by Racoon. The classic track from the famous Dutch music act is all fingerpick and no strum… and it’s fast for a beginner.

However, it’s definitely a song you’d want to work towards playing since it’s just so beautiful. From the 2005 album Another Day, “Love Your More” has a straightforward message about just how much you can love someone.

The lyrics are super well written and loaded with meaning. There’s even a broader verse about people being unhappy and society, in general.

To Be Alone With You by Sufjan Stevens

If you happen to be listening to the amazing 2004 album Seven Swans, you’ll have the delight of being introduced to “To Be Alone With You”. Believe us, Sufjan Stevens delivers one of the more emotional and soft guitar love songs out there.

Sometimes, people are looking for a guitar wedding song – and we actually attended a wedding where “To Be Alone With You” was the couple’s first dance song.

As you can imagine by the title, the song and the lyrics work perfectly as a love song. The idea of being alone with that special person – and naming all the things that you’d endure to be there – is a string testament to love.

Always Love You by Tyrone Wells

If you want a simple song to serenade on guitar, Always Love You by Tyrone Wells is clear cut and to the point.

Featured on the 2015 album Roll With It, Tyrone is a lovely storyteller and brings this song to life through easy to sing lyrics and bright yet simple chords. There’s a really good chance you’ve never heard of Tyrone Wells – so go check him out!

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Some might not initially think of “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol as a true love song… but hear us out.

If you really listen to the lyrics, there is an argument to be made that it’s a song to be sung to your person. The concepts of “lying together” and “forgetting the world” speak to the inner romantic in all of us.

From the Eyes Open album from 2006, “Chasing Cars” has simple chords and an easy strum pattern so you shouldn’t have a problem if you’re a beginner.

Since there aren’t too many words overall (but a few different versions of similar lines) we’d say it’s among the easier love songs to sing… but make sure you get it right!

Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova

There are few songs more beautiful written than “Falling Slowly”. No, seriously – it won an Oscar for “Best Original Song” back in 2008.

Featured on the Official Movie Soundtrack for the 2007 movie “Once”, “Falling Slowly” is a song to lovers, by lovers. If you’ve never seen the movie – or the play on Broadway – go and see it.

“Falling Slowly” is actually sung by two people (one on acoustic and one on piano) but it can be covered on just acoustic just fine. With a combination of picking, chords, and lyrics that tell a story, you’ll want to practice this song before singing it to anyone that matters.

Love More by Bon Iver (Justin Vernon)

If you want one of those slow ballads that come out of nowhere with more subtle messaging, “Love More” by Bon Iver is for you.

Released back in 2015, it’s a hell of a song to cover – given the musical talent of Bon Iver and the challenging lyrics. However, it’s worth it – especially if your listener loves Bon Iver.

To be honest, you really need to nail the delivery because the lyrics can come off as negative if not done properly. It needs to be sung and received in a more positive light about how the singer has been drawn to “love more” given the circumstances.

Heart Like Yours by Williamette Stone

Here’s a personal favorite when it comes to acoustic love songs: “Heart Like Yours” from the Soundtrack for the movie “If I Stay”. Released back in 2014, this song is beautifully written, easy to strum to, and fun to sing if you’re confident.

It can come across as one of those cheesy teenage love songs but it’s all about how you play it. The song revolves around the question of how in the world someone could love the singer – but the singer is being completely thankful that that person does!

Cigarette by Yellowcard

A classic punk rock/hardcore band from the early 2000s, “Cigarette” is a beautiful all-strum, acoustic song that even features a violin part (which can be covered by whistling or with a second person around).

In any case, this song is all about “waiting for” the other person if they will do the same. It’s a song about mutual love and patience. You can find it on the 2001 album, “One for the Kids”.

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s

For those wanting that ultimate long-distance relationship song, “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s is that song.

This classic track was released back in 2005 on the album All That We Needed… and has been stealing hearts ever since.

“Oh, it’s what you do to me…” is a line few people forget once repeated over and over. It’s also one of those really good campfire guitar songs if you’re looking for one.

With classic lyrics that are so easy to sing – assuming you’ve heard the song a million time – and a bright, fingerpicking tone with simple chords, it’s a great song for in-person (or over Zoom, if that’s your current situation right now). Bonus points if the listener of the song is in New York City!

Blue Eyes by Cary Brothers

When it comes to chords, here’s a simple acoustic song to get on top of: “Blue Eyes” by Cary Brothers.

Fun Fact: This song was out on an earlier EP but gained fame when it was on the top-selling/actually really good movie soundtrack for the 2004 film Garden State.

In any case, Blue Eyes is all about your person being “all that I need” and “the secret I keep”. Your love doesn’t have to have blue eyes for this to be a lovely song to strum and pick to – but bonus points if he/she does!

Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls

“Iris” by The Goo Goo Dolls is one of those cliché songs that rivals “Wonderwall” for top guitar love songs – but for good reason. It’s another one of those bar ballads we sing along to but it can also be perfect when sung in private to that special someone.

From the 1998 album City of Angels, you know what you’re in for with that classics first lyric “And I’d give up forever to touch you”. As for instrument, you can slap a guitar capo up high on the neck to nail the opening mandolin sound… but you’ll need a guitar after that.

You can also just learn the song on acoustic. It can be as simple or as technical as you make it. It really depends on your skill/comfort level and the version you play!

Fear You Won’t Fall by Joshua Radin

Looking for easy romantic guitar songs? “Fear You Won’t Fall” by Josh Radin might be for you.

From the 2008 album Unclear Sky, this is a song that has that classic “made for TV song” feel. It’s no surprise that it was featured in TV shows to convey a sort of love/connection/relationship messaging.

“Fear You Won’t Fall” has really simple chords to strum along to – even a beginner at the guitar might be able to pick it up relatively quickly.

The lyrics revolve around classic messaging like “missing someone” and not being able to “get my mind off of them”… but it’s not that superficial so give it a go if you’ve never heard it before.

Wonderwall by Oasis

When it comes to the best love songs to play on guitar, it doesn’t get more classic (and cliche) than “Wonderwall”.

Originally on the album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? from 1995, Wonderwall by Oasis is a very classic track that can be sung to someone you love. Depending on their musical taste, your relationship, and your delivery, it might go really well.

To be honest, if you are going to play Wonderwall for someone, play the only version that has been approved by Noel himself. Yup, Wonderwall was covered by Ryan Adams and his version got a nod from Noel Gallagher himself in 2008.

Ryan Adam’s version has been used on TV because it is sadder, more atmospheric, – and is also done in fingerpicking as opposed to strumming. It’s hauntingly beautiful if you want to play a different version from the original.

You and Me by Lifehouse

If you’re looking for love song guitar chords that are relatively easy acoustic song to learn and play, You and Me by Lifehouse is a pretty good bet. Coming off their self-titled album Lifehouse from 2005, “You and Me” is also a personal favorite to sing and play on acoustic.

If you want to give this song a try, you can strum along with easy chords that aren’t overly difficult to learn. The lyrics are impactful with lines that culminate in themes like “I can’t keep my eyes off of you”.

Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

For those in the room wanting another classic love song, can you be any more authentic than Eric Clapton? “Wonderful Tonight” is from the 1977 album Slowhand – and it’s been a song that is sung to the loves of our lives ever since.

The central theme of the song is just being so appreciative of the person you love and feeling so lucky you have them.

It’s a bit of a slower song with story lyrics that center around the idea of feeling/looking “wonderful tonight” so give it a go for the love in your life.

Baby’s Arms by Kurt Vile

For a bit of a more challenging, upbeat song to play, check out “Baby’s Arms”. If you’ve never heard of Kurt Vile, he’s this grunge-esque artist with a very unique electric sound and voice. This song, however, is done on acoustic and involves mainly fingerpicking.

Baby’s Arms is from the 2011 album “Smoke Ring for My Halo”. As you may have guessed, this song is centered around the person who is your “one true love” and being in “my baby’s arms”.

And there you have it – a rundown of some of the best guitar love songs to play for your special person. Of course, there are so many other great love songs that you might choose to sing.

It’s important to pick a song that resonates with you and resonates with your person. There’s nothing like strumming or picking away passionately at a good ol’ acoustic love tune.

As always, Happy Strumming,


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