The Best Ukulele Straps (2022 Buying Guide)

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These Are Some Of The Best Ukulele Straps On The Market!

Got yourself a ukulele but looking for a little more stability when holding it? A ukulele strap might be the solution for you.

Ukulele straps – much like guitar straps – come in all different styles, materials, and designs. They serve an important purpose: to help you hold up a ukulele when you play sitting or standing.

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With so many different types of ukulele straps available, finding the best ukulele strap for you can be tricky. Some fasten to the uke with ukulele strap buttons while others use simple hooks – each with its own pros and cons.

In this detailed guide, we’ll outline some of the best straps for ukuleles (like the MUSIC FIRST Ukulele Strap), discuss the different kinds of uke straps, how they attach, and go over what to consider when buying a ukulele strap for a soprano uke versus a tenor or baritone ukulele!

The 7 Best Ukulele Straps

If you’re already set on picking out an awesome ukulele strap, you can have a look at three of the top choices for the best ukulele strap right now.

These uke straps have been chosen based on a number of quantitative factors like personal experience, customer reviews, and overall reliability, price, and function.

MUSIC FIRST Ukulele Strap
M33 Ukulele Strap
Levy's Leathers Nylon M20 Ukulele Strap
MUSIC FIRST Classic Country style Soft Yarn-dyed fabric & Genuine Leather Ukulele Strap Ukulele...
M33 Ukulele Strap Upgrade Multicolor Hawaiian Jacquard Woven, Double J Hooks Clip On Ukulele Belt
Levy's Leathers M20 1" Nylon Classical Guitar and Ukulele Strap, Black, Medium
MUSIC FIRST Ukulele Strap
MUSIC FIRST Classic Country style Soft Yarn-dyed fabric & Genuine Leather Ukulele Strap Ukulele...
M33 Ukulele Strap
M33 Ukulele Strap Upgrade Multicolor Hawaiian Jacquard Woven, Double J Hooks Clip On Ukulele Belt
Levy's Leathers Nylon M20 Ukulele Strap
Levy's Leathers M20 1" Nylon Classical Guitar and Ukulele Strap, Black, Medium

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MUSIC FIRST Ukulele Strap

MUSIC FIRST Classic Country style Soft Yarn-dyed fabric & Genuine Leather Ukulele Strap Ukulele...
  • Material: cotton (out side) + genuine leather+ cotton (inner side).
  • Width: 1.5 inch; Length: 48 inch ~ 27.5 inch adjustable; Thickness: 0.13 inch.

Last update on 2024-05-02 at 10:21

  • Features: A popular ukulele strap with real leather ends
  • Pros: Comes with or without leather strap extension for the headstock, adjustable, comes with extra button
  • Cons: No hooks, so you have to have/install ukulele buttons to use.

If you’re looking for the best ukulele strap, your search might end with this strap by Music First.

Complete with one simple strap button and a beautiful design, this is a versatile ukulele strap that will work for lots of different ukulele sizes.

You can use this strap with the button it comes with (we discuss them in detail further down in the post) if you’re willing to install that button. In that case, we’d recommend that you get the version with the leather strap locker for the headstock.

M33 Ukulele Strap

M33 Ukulele Strap Upgrade Multicolor Hawaiian Jacquard Woven, Double J Hooks Clip On Ukulele Belt
  • Convenient: No drilling ukulele strap, no need for buttons or pegs, it is easy to install and remove
  • Comfortable: The soft fabric allows you to play the ukulele freely without scratching your neck

Last update on 2024-05-02 at 10:21

  • Features: A padded, vibrant ukulele strap with double hooks for the sound hole
  • Pros: Two hooks mean no strap buttons are needed, comes with padding on the strap to distribute weight
  • Cons: Uke strap fits over the shoulder and under the arm – might not work for all ukulele players

For those looking for a ukulele strap without a button, the M33 Ukulele Strap might be the one for you.

Complete with leather padding to diffuse weight, adjustable length, and a sturdy hook on each end, this is a strap that is easy to put on and easy to remove. This strap is even suitable for use on a U-Bass (if you have one!).

Levy’s Leathers M20 Nylon Ukulele Strap

Levy's Leathers M20 1" Nylon Classical Guitar and Ukulele Strap, Black, Medium
  • 1 inch nylon classical guitar/ukulele strap with plastic sound-hole hook and tri-glide adjustments.
  • Adjustable from 27 inches to 36 inches.

Last update on 2024-05-02 at 10:21

  • Features: A simple neck loop strap with a sturdy hook
  • Pros: Simple to apply and simple to remove with one hook, adjustable length
  • Cons: Nylon strap has no padding, lots of adjusting clips may dig in

For a top choice of ukulele neck strap, the Levy’s Leathers M20 is a really nice option. The tri-glide adjusters ensure easy adjusting with no extra slipping when playing.

With a very light and minimal design, this is a sturdy strap that works for all ukuleles. It’s even made for a classical guitar so you know it’ll work as a tenor ukulele strap or baritone ukulele strap!

Rinastore Ukulele Strap

Rinastore Ukulele Strap Country Style Soft Cotton Linen & Genuine Leather Shoulder Strap for Ukulele...
  • Comfortable Strap - 1.5 inches width,maximum comfort provided by the 100% cotton-linen woven strap,won't slide during playing.
  • Real Leather Ends- don't settle with fake leather ends that will not last. Quality and detailed design goes in to every single ukulele strap.

Last update on 2024-05-02 at 10:21

  • Features: A soft and stylish ukulele strap made for buttons
  • Pros: Comes with lace for tying the headstock, leather ends, comes with button, felt pad, and pick
  • Cons: Made for around the shoulder so it doesn’t have a neck loop (if you want that), might have to install a button yourself (if your uke doesn’t already have one)

For a soft and durable ukulele strap, this one from Rinastore fits the bill. With an additional button and felt spacer to protect the finish, it’s adjustable, lightweight, and looks good, too!

CLOUDMUSIC Ukulele Strap with Hook 

CLOUDMUSIC Pineapple Ukulele Strap with Hook Hawaiian Tropical Design Ukulele Strap no drilling For...
  • Clip On Design: CLOUDMUSIC Ukulele Strap No Drilling features a convenient clip-on design with a flexible J hook originally designed by CLOUDMUSIC, allowing for easy no...
  • Hawaiian Inspired: Embrace the spirit of Hawaii with colorful floral/tribal/ethnic/tropical jacquard/printed patterns, including blue Hawaii tribal patterns, black starts, red...

Last update on 2024-05-02 at 10:21

  • Features: A stylish hook-style neck loop strap
  • Pros: One large, flexible hook for easy install and removal
  • Cons: Wears via neck loop so if you want over the shoulder this one isn’t for you

For a different take on a ukulele strap with a hook, the Cloudmusic ukulele strap might be for you.

With one large silicon hook that won’t scratch the finish and a very lively design, it’s a simple to use strap with a lot of benefits.

If you like this style of uke strap, this neck strap by BestSounds is another good option.

Eyeshot Adjustable Ukulele Strap

Last update on 2024-05-02 at 10:21

  • Features: A high-rated shoulder ukulele strap with accessories
  • Pros: Adjustable strap, comes with button to install, real leather ends and lace to tie headstock end
  • Cons: No hooks so it”s slight more work to attach and remove

For another classic ukulele strap with great reviews, this one by Eyeshot should catch your eye.

With real leather reinforced ends and a number of accessories (like a strap button and picks), this is a soft cotton strap that comes in a number of colors and designs!

WerKens Genuine Leather Ukulele Strap

WerKens Genuine Leather Adjustable Mandolin,Ukulele Strap Belt, Soft Feel Comfortable Grip Slim...
  • ✔️Genuine Leather Ukulele strap provides great comfort for standing or sitting situations,no slip or slide of Ukulele
  • ✔️Playing Ukulele in long Gigs and tours, enjoy the leather strap comfort of WerKens Ukulele Straps

Last update on 2024-05-02 at 10:21

  • Features: A durable, fashionable leather ukulele strap
  • Pros: Genuine leather strap made to last, made as a shoulder ukulele strap for good comfort (as opposed to a neck loop)
  • Cons: Only attaches with strap buttons so you’ll need to have them or install them to use this strap

For a truly vintage look and a sturdy ukulele strap, this leather strap by WerKens is the one you need.

Made for strap buttons and to rest on the shoulder, it’s a strap that is almost like a “mini guitar strap” from a look’s perspective!

What Is A Ukulele Strap And Why You Need One

Before we dive into buying a strap for a ukulele, it’s pretty important to understand what a ukulele strap is, what it does, and why you should get one.

Simply put, a ukulele strap is a piece of material that fastens to your ukulele in two places, goes around the neck/shoulder area, and helps to bear the weight and stabilize your ukulele in front of your body when you play.

Of course, there are different kinds of ukulele straps that vary in the way that they attach to the ukulele (hooks or ukulele strap buttons – which we will dive into in the next section).

So, there is no one universal ukulele strap because no strap fits all ukuleles the same!

Besides the way the strap attaches to the ukulele, straps differ by material, length, and a few other features like padding.

As we described above, a ukulele strap might not be as essential as a guitar strap because guitars are much heavier and have a different center of balance.

However, a good ukulele strap helps to secure the instrument to your body. This means you can worry about playing the right chords to your ukulele love song instead of worrying about dropping the ukulele!

For those wondering how to make a ukulele strap, you can make your own but it’s not recommended. If you can afford a ukulele, you can purchase a good ukulele strap – some of them even come with a strap to start you off!

If you’re reading this article with someone in mind, a uke strap makes a great gift for a ukulele player if they are seriously contemplating making one on their own!

Different Types of Ukulele Straps

Before you buy a ukulele strap for your ukulele, there are a few different types of ukulele straps to consider when you buy.

Generally, all straps are similar in function (help support ukulele) but they differ in both how they attach to the ukulele and how you wear them.

Furthermore, uke straps usually work well to support all the different sizes of ukuleles but some straps might suit some ukulele sizes better than others.

Below, we’ll break down the different types of ukulele straps – in terms of how they attach to the ukulele and how they differ when you wear them – and outline the pros and any possible cons for each.

No-Drill Ukulele Straps (with Hooks)

If your ukulele did not come with strap buttons and you do not want to attach ukulele strap buttons yourself, then a ukulele strap that is “no drill” is for you.

Generally, these straps attach to the ukulele using hooks that attach to the soundhole from two different directions. Some ukulele straps with hooks might only have one large hook to attach to the sound hole (because the strap fits around your neck).

Hooks are usually made of a strong material that is scratch-resistant to the finish of the ukulele. This is both a pro and a con to this style of strap. Hooks are easy to attach and remove… but there is always a potential for scratching the finish on the uke.

Another obvious pro is that you don’t have to worry about drilling into your ukulele to attach a strap button. Doing this incorrectly can/will permanently damage the ukulele.

However, some people might feel like properly installed strap buttons keep the strap more secure compared to using hooks.

This is very much a matter of personal preference and how much you plan on moving as you play your uke.

A good example of a ukulele strap with hooks is the M33 Ukulele Strap.

Ukulele Strap With Strap Buttons

As you may have guessed, the other way to attach a uke strap is to use ukulele strap buttons. Straps made for strap buttons have a special reinforced end with a notch/slotted hole to securely fit around a ukulele button and hold in place.

Some ukuleles come with one or two strap buttons pre-installed but this is not always the case. Again, if your ukulele doesn’t have buttons installed and you want a strap that uses buttons to attach, then you can self-install ukulele buttons or get a professional to do it for you.

A pro to using a ukulele strap with buttons is that the strap often feels more securely attached. You can even buy strap blocks/locks to further secure the strap ends onto the buttons. Although, this is often not necessary for ukuleles because they are lighter, more manageable instruments to hold.

A good example of this kind of ukulele strap is the MUSIC FIRST Ukulele Strap.

Ukulele Neck Strap

As for how ukulele straps differ by the way you wear them, there are pure neck straps and more classic shoulder straps.

Ukulele neck straps can attach to the ukulele using either hooks or buttons. The common feature here is that the strap makes a loop that the player puts around their neck. They can be adjusted to the correct height to hold the ukulele at.

A pro to these straps is that ukulele neck-straps are often well-padded and very minimal in design. This means that they don’t impede holding or playing the uke in any way. A good example of this kind of uke strap is the Levy’s Leathers M20.

One con of these types of ukulele straps is that you might not love the feeling of a strap wrapped around your neck!

Even though it’s not tight to your neck all the way around, the design might turn some people off.

Ukulele Shoulder Strap

If the design of the neck strap doesn’t work for you, there are lots of more classically designed ukulele straps that fit around the neck and shoulder – much like guitar straps.

These kinds of straps also attach to the ukulele using either hooks or strap buttons. The big difference is that they offer the player a little more room and stability since the strap fits wide around the neck, shoulder, and back area.

A good example of a ukulele shoulder strap is the WerKens Genuine Leather Ukulele Strap.

How To Put On A Ukulele Strap

We’ve kind of already touched on this topic above, but if you are wondering about how to attach a ukulele strap, here are the different ways to do it (in brief). Straps either attach to the ukulele using hooks, buttons, and/or a lace/leather strap.

As mentioned above, ukulele straps will attach to your ukulele slightly differently based on the kind of uke you have, how it is set up, the design of the strap, and the accessories that come with the uke strap.

Overall, it’s pretty easy to add a strap to a ukulele… but you have to do it right!

How To Attach A Ukulele Strap With Hooks

A ukulele strap with hooks on the ends (or one larger hook) is very easy to attach to the ukulele. You simply place the hook/hooks on the sound hold of the ukulele and wrap the strap around your upper torso.

Straps with one large hook – like the Levy’s Leathers M20 Strap – for the sound hole often have a neck loop to go around the neck only but this isn’t a hard rule.

Overall, a no-drill ukulele strap can save time and effort… and if you don’t already have strap buttons, you don’t have to risk damaging the ukulele to install them.

How To Attach A Ukulele Strap With Buttons

More often than not, ukuleles don’t come with strap buttons pre-installed. Some do, many don’t.

So, if your ukulele does have strap buttons (usually one at the base of the body and/or one near the neck on the body) OR you plan on attaching ukulele strap buttons, then get a strap with slotted ends to fit on the buttons.

These slotted ends fit over the buttons and secure the strap to the instrument. Keep in mind that button placement can differ slightly.

If there are two strap buttons already installed, one will generally be located at the base of the body. The other one will be near the neck (as mentioned above).

Another common setup is that one button is located at the base of the ukulele to attach one end of the strap. The other end of the strap attaches to the ukulele near the headstock with a small lace or leather strap. This small tie usually goes before the nut and under the strings.

Keep in mind that – while unlikely with a ukulele – the strap can slip off the strap buttons. This is why you might look into strap blocks for extra security.

A much easier way to “lock” the ukulele strap onto the button is with a strap block. This small piece of material helps to secure the strap on the button without having to switch out the ukulele strap buttons to accommodate strap locks.

Strap locks are another kind of secure button that is best for guitars. They would be unnecessary for the size and weight of a ukulele.

Benefits Of Using A Ukulele Strap

There are a few benefits of having and using a ukulele strap:

Ukulele Stability and Security

Overall, a properly fitted ukulele strap is going to keep the ukulele secure to your body and make it feel more stable when you are playing.

Of course, this level of comfort is very much down to personal preference. You do not necessarily need a strap to play the ukulele but it can help.

This is especially true since smaller ukuleles do not benefit from having a size large enough to rest comfortable in your lap while sitting.

Having a uke strap is recommended because it’ll not impede your playing (if properly fitted and adjusted) and will only benefit you by securing the ukulele to your upper torso.

For instance, if you are new to learning the ukulele, a strap can help you stay focused on reading your ukulele theory book rather than worrying about dropping the instrument!

Sound Quality

If you toss a strap on a ukulele, the sound quality of the instrument can change for the better. This makes sense.

If you are not hugging the ukulele into your body as you play, the ukulele has the ability to resonate a little more freely.

This means that the notes can sing a little clearer and a little longer. If you are performing or recording, sound quality is a huge consideration so a uke strap might be more necessary for you.


Your overall style might not be the most important factor when deciding to buy a ukulele strap but it can have an impact.

A ukulele strap that you love – that matches your ukulele capo – can certainly allow you to show off your unique style.

There are lots of different-looking straps out there – from leather ukulele straps (like the WerKens) to cool ukulele straps with funny or unique patterns (like the CLOUDMUSIC Pineapple Ukulele Strap).

7 Things To Consider In A Good Ukulele Strap

Getting the right ukulele strap for you and your ukulele is pretty important. So, here are some buying factors to consider before you make your purchase!

Size of Your Ukulele

Before you buy a ukulele strap, keep in mind which size of ukulele you have. If you have a smaller ukulele like a soprano or concert ukulele, a strap with hooks might be enough for you.

If you have a larger, heavier ukulele – like a tenor or baritone ukulele – then a strap for buttons might be an option that offers you and the instrument more security and stability.

Hooks should carry the weight of a larger ukulele but always read the weight/strength details of any strap carefully.

Strap Material

What the actual ukulele strap is made out of can definitely have an impact on comfort, looks, and function.

There are loads of different materials used in ukulele straps from leather to nylon and even cotton. Leather ukulele straps are rugged and durable while cotton is soft and polyester/nylon might have some give to it but is still very durable.

Different materials also have different thicknesses and padding to ensure comfort (more on that below).

Fastening Ends: Hooks vs Buttons

As we dove more in-depth above, you need to consider exactly how the strap connects to the ukulele. A ukulele strap with no button slots and only hooks isn’t necessary if you have strap buttons already attached to the ukulele.

If you have no buttons installed and do not plan on installing them, you should choose a no-drill strap with hooks (one big one to two smaller ones, as seen above).

Strap Positioning

One consideration – regardless of whether you have buttons or hooks to attach the strap – is whether the strap fits around your neck and shoulder or just around your neck (called a neck loop).

Ukulele neck-straps can be easy to put on and wear but might not be the best option for some due to the uncomfortable feeling of having something around your neck.

However, if you have a large upper body, a neck strap might be easier to size and fit compared to a strap that goes wide around the shoulders and under the arm.

Strap Length/Adjustability

The overall length of the ukulele strap and it’s ability to adjust is also an important buying factor. Most straps have a standard size and have the ability to become much longer or shorter – but check the exact specifications of ay strap before buying.

Ukuleles are generally smaller instruments compared to guitars which have various sizes so strap size/length isn’t as much of an issue but still something to keep in mind.

As for how to adjust the ukulele strap: many straps have a plastic or metal clasp that easily slides to shorten and lengthen the strap.

One thing to watch is that the adjusters are of good quality and that the uke strap doesn’t slide or slip through itself and get longer as you’re playing!

Strap Width and Padding

Aside from length, the width of the ukulele strap is also important. Wide straps have a tendency to evenly distribute weight better across the body. Of course, ukuleles aren’t as heavy as guitars but this is still a consideration.

A thinner ukulele strap may have the tendency to feel less cumbersome but can dig into the neck and shoulder with prolonged playing.

This “digging in” is dependent on both the strap material and whether the strap has any padding.

Because ukuleles are lighter in general, uke straps don’t often come with much additional padding as guitar straps do. This makes the material of the ukulele strap more important.

Price + Quality

Last, but certainly not least, the price and quality of the ukulele strap you’re looking at are important buying factors. You don’t need to get the most expensive ukulele strap you can find to get a quality product.

At the same time, a very cheap ukulele strap might save a bit of money in the short term but poor quality tends to show over time.

And there you have it – a rundown of some of the best ukulele straps you’ll find on the market today. Ukulele straps aren’t an absolutely mandatory piece of ukulele equipment but it definitely doesn’t hurt to have one.

Owning a solid ukulele strap that is well-fitted, works for you ukulele, and you like the look of can really impact your overall playing experience.

As always, Happy Strumming,


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