The 8 Best Guitar Wall Hangers (2022 Buying Guide)

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Here Are Some of the Best Guitar Wall Hangers To Hang Your Guitar!

Searching for the best guitar wall hangers to hang your beautiful guitar? You’re not alone! Those looking for a guitar holder might be tempted to hang their guitar on the wall – and this is a great place for it! However, there are loads of solid options when it comes to wall guitar hangers and picking the right one for you and your instrument can be challenging.

This is where The String Crew comes in. Our guide on wall guitar hangers will walk you through the different guitar wall hanger variations – from single guitar wall mounts to swiveling guitar hooks and even a multiple guitar wall mount.

animated acoustic guitar hanging on wall hanger on blue musical background.

We’ll also offer tips on whether it’s safe to hang a guitar on the wall with guitar hangers (spoiler: it is when done right), how to hang a guitar on the wall, and how to find the best wall hanger for acoustic guitar versus an a wall hanger for electric guitar, bass guitar, and other instruments like a classical guitar, ukulele, and more.

The 8 Best Guitar Wall Hangers

In case you know you are looking for the best guitar wall hanger, you can check out these top choices. If you know anything about a wall hanger for guitars, you’ll recognize the name Hercules right away as a top wall guitar mount you can trust.

Hercules GSP38WBPLUS Auto Grip System Wall Hanger
String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger
WOGOD Guitar Wall Mount Hanger
Hercules GSP38WBPLUS Auto Grip System Guitar Hanger,Black
String Swing Guitar Wall Mount, Guitar Hanger, Wall Guitar Mount, Guitar Holder Hook for Wall, Fits...
Guitar Wall Mount Hanger Hook Holder Stand Guitar Hangers Hooks for Acoustic Electric and Bass...
Hercules GSP38WBPLUS Auto Grip System Wall Hanger
Hercules GSP38WBPLUS Auto Grip System Guitar Hanger,Black
String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger
String Swing Guitar Wall Mount, Guitar Hanger, Wall Guitar Mount, Guitar Holder Hook for Wall, Fits...
WOGOD Guitar Wall Mount Hanger
Guitar Wall Mount Hanger Hook Holder Stand Guitar Hangers Hooks for Acoustic Electric and Bass...

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To read more about finding the best guitar wall mount, you can dive in below for more details on guitar wall holders. We’ll break down the differences between wall hooks, hangers, and wall racks so you can find the right guitar wall hanger for you and your guitar.

Hercules GSP38WBPLUS Auto Grip System Wall Hanger

Hercules GSP38WBPLUS Auto Grip System Guitar Hanger,Black
  • The Auto-Swivel AGS Yoke allows for multi-angle adjustments while safely locking instrument in place. It can accommodate a wider range of instrument neck sizes from 40 mm –...
  • The attached N.I.N.A. (Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment, HA301) are specially designed to increase the thickness of AGS arms to accommodate narrow neck instruments from min....

Last update on 2024-04-08 at 11:06

  • Features: A popular guitar wall hanger system with a locking system to secure the instrument
  • Pros: Sleek locking system stops the guitar from sliding out, a strong wooden base supports the hooks
  • Cons: Among the most expensive wall hanger – but you pay for a quality product

The Hercules guitar hanger is easily among the top choices for guitar wall hangers. They are also a trusted source of floor guitar racks and single guitar stands. If you need more wall-hanging space and trust Hercules, you could always buy more than one!

String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger

String Swing Guitar Wall Mount, Guitar Hanger, Wall Guitar Mount, Guitar Holder Hook for Wall, Fits...
  • LOCALLY SOURCED HARDWOODS: Our wall mount guitar hanger is Made in the USA with sustainably sourced North American black walnut hardwood which provides durability as well as a...
  • RELIABLE AND PROTECTED: The String Swing guitar hanger is backed by a LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY designed to provide musicians with a dependable wall mount for guitars, for...

Last update on 2024-04-08 at 11:06

  • Features: Another popular wooden guitar hanger with a deep, padded cradle on the hooks
  • Pros: A top angled guitar wall mount since the hooks swivel to fit any guitar head/neck angle, also small stoppers help with sliding off the hooks
  • Cons: Still arms/hooks don’t adjust to different (wider) guitar neck widths

The Swing String guitar hanger is another top choice when it comes to guitar hangers. When people think about guitar wall hooks, the simple design of the String Swing is what they are often imagining.

If you have more than one guitar to hang on the wall, then the String Swing 5 Guitar Hanger might be a great option for you. This is a solid wall mounted guitar rack that can save you a ton of floor space.

WOGOD Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

Guitar Wall Mount Hanger Hook Holder Stand Guitar Hangers Hooks for Acoustic Electric and Bass...
  • 🎸 【WALL MOUNT HANGERS】 ┅┅ Suitable for a variety of string instruments such as acoustic electric bass guitars, violin, mandolins, ukulele and more.
  • 🎸 【SAFETY PROTECTION】 ┅┅ All-steel construction, have a soft sponge cover on the guitar hanger, protect your guitar from scratches .

Last update on 2024-04-08 at 11:06

  • Features: A simple wall hanger with all-steel construction and super padded hooks
  • Pros: Extra padded hooks with a sponge, hooks rotate to accommodate different headstock/necks designs
  • Cons: The hooks/arms are stiff and cannot be adjusted to wider guitar necks

As far as guitar wall mounts go, the WOGOD is a popular choice for its design, simplicity, and overall quality. It’s cheaper but made of steel so the materials can be trusted to support weight (if installed correctly).

Dtown Guitar Wall Hanger

Dtown Guitar Wall Mount, Ukulele Guitar Hanger, Set of 1 Pack Ukulele Wall Mount Hanger Guitar Hooks...
  • 【Durable Ukulele Wall Hanger】Compact size with a black strong ABS plastic base (Dimension: 2.6" height x 1.4" wide), support up to enough load capacity, flexible support...
  • 【Nice compatibility】This guitar hanging wall mount can suit a variety of string instruments, kinds of acoustic & electric guitars, basses, violins, mandolins, ukuleles,...

Last update on 2024-04-08 at 11:06

  • Features: Another popular wall hanger with thin rubber coating and small design
  • Pros: The arms do adjust to accommodate much smaller or wider guitar necks
  • Cons: The hooks don’t necessarily swivel on the base – but their overall movement makes them adjustable for different headstock shapes. Also, no locking mechanism on the hooks.

The Dtown is a classic guitar wall hook with an open front but adjustable arms to fit different guitars. If you want an acoustic guitar wall mount but are unsure if yours will fit regular wall guitar holders (due to head and neck size/shape), the Dtown is a versatile option to try out.

Top Stage JX15NA-Q2 Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

Top Stage JX15NA-Q2 Guitar Wall Mount Hanger 2-Pack, Guitar Hanger Wall Hook Holder Stand for Bass...
  • Real hardwood construction, a must-have accessory for all guitarist, suitable for home and studio use, 2 per pack
  • Suitable for a variety of string instruments such as guitars, bass, violins, mandolins, ukeleles, etc.

Last update on 2024-04-08 at 11:06

  • Features: A versatile wall hanger with a slick wooden base and coveted locking mechanism (rubber stoppers)
  • Pros: Adjustable rubber stoppers help to fit different instruments
  • Cons: Hooks do not swivel to accommodate different neck shapes (which might make hanging vertical tough)

The Top Stage Guitar Hanger is another popular choice when it comes to wall-mounted guitar holders. The highlight is the rubber stoppers which help to keep the instrument up on the wall hanger!

Moodve Guitar-Shaped Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

Guitar Wall Mount Hanger 4-Pack, Moodve Metal Guitar Hanger, Guitar-Shaped Guitar Wall Hanger, Black...
  • 【Firm & Beautiful】This is a metal guitar wall mount with a guitar-shaped base. The guitar hanger stand is made of high-quality carbon steel, making it sustain 40LB...
  • 【Safe And Skid-proof Deep Arc Design】With a deep arc design, The guitar wall hanger can ensure that relevant instrument is properly placed. Wrapped with skid-proof EVA...

Last update on 2024-04-08 at 11:06

  • Features: A reliable guitar wall mount with hooks that rotate on the base to fit different guitar heads
  • Pros: Scratch-protecting tubing keeps scratches at bay, strong steel construction
  • Cons: Arms don’t adjust by width (only swivel) making this hanger a standard size for acoustic guitars but not for all instruments

If you’re searching for cool guitar hangers, the Moodve might qualify! Besides just having a wooden or metal base, you get a little bit of a themed-design with little guitars.

Bikoney Guitar Holder Wall Mount w/ Shelf

Bikoney Wall Mount Guitar Hanger Shelf with Pick Holder and 3 Hooks - Carbonized Black Guitar Holder...
  • 🎸Multifunction Guitar Hanger: This wall guitar mount has applied for U.S. Patent, it not only shows your lovely guitar, it comes with shelf to show other guitar...
  • 🎸Sturdy Guitar Wall Mount: The guitar holder wall mount made of 100% solid wood and process with torched finish, feature a rustic style and distressed texture, it's will...

Last update on 2024-04-08 at 11:06

  • Features: A stylish wooden shelf that hangs a guitar and helps keep you organized!
  • Pros: Includes a shelf and hooks for storing items like keys or guitar accessories like a guitar capo
  • Cons: The wooden hooks are fixed meaning they accommodate limited guitar neck sizes (most likely a standard acoustic guitar), also no locking mechanism

Those in the market for a wall mount guitar hanger might find the Bikoney a good option. This guitar holder only holds a single guitar – but it’s a unique guitar hanger because it has a handy shelf and a stylish wood mount design.

RawRock Horizontal Guitar Hanger 

RawRock (2 Pack) Horizontal Guitar Hanger Tilt and Display Your Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Electric...
  • ⭐ 2 PACK HANGER KIT: Hang multiple instruments side by side for enhanced decor. Specially formulated padding keeps instruments safe from scratches. Suitable for a variety of...
  • ⭐ REDUCE NECK STRESS: Typical vertical guitar hangers puts pressure on the neck which is the most fragile part of the guitar. Our Angled hangers transfers weight throughout...

Last update on 2024-04-08 at 11:06

  • Features: A stylish wood and black hook design shows off a guitar on the wall in a unique way
  • Pros: Padding on the hooks protects the guitar from scratches, laying horizontally can be better on the guitar neck, hooks have a “lip” to help stop an instrument from sliding
  • Cons: Laying the guitar more horizontally can be less secure than hanging vertically, the guitar body hooks are a fixed width so only fit specific guitars

For a slight change from the norm and a more unique way to hang/display your guitar, a horizontal guitar wall mount is a great option. These horizontal mounts allow the guitar to sit more tilted/horizontal along the wall lengthwise as opposed to hanging straight down vertically by the neck. There are pros and cons to this design which we discuss below.

What Is A Guitar Wall Hanger And Why You Need One

Still unsure what a guitar wall hanger is exactly and whether you need to buy one? Here’s a simple explanation to help you make the right decision. Wall hangers for guitars are simply that – small, usually hook-like products that fasten to the wall to hang a guitar from.

Lots of these wall hooks are made from metal or very hard plastic and are mounted onto a wooden or metallic base for strength. This base is what is fastened tightly to the wall to secure the guitar as it hangs!

Wall hooks for guitars only contact the guitar neck/head and usually allow the guitar to hang vertically. However, many wall hooks/hangers have protective materials that secure the guitar and physically cushion the guitar from getting scratches by the hanger. Various materials like foam are usually used to cover the hooks.

There are a handful of variations of wall guitar holders that function slightly differently so well outline those types below. For example, some hooks tilt and others have a locking mechanism. This way, you can find the best guitar wall hanger for your instrumental set up.

The Different Types of Guitar Wall Hangers

Trying to understand the slight variations in the different types of guitar mounts? There are actually a few different wall mounted guitar holders to choose from – each with their own pros and cons.

So, what is the best type of guitar hanger for the wall? It depends on a few factors like how many guitars you plan to hang, the wall space and type of wall you have available, whether or not you need a locking guitar hanger, and your budget. Let’s dive into the different types of wall mounts for guitars so you can find the right one for you.

PS. This article is all about the best wall mounted guitar hangers. If you want to store your guitar vertically but want to keep it at floor level, you can check out our detailed guide specifically on the best guitar stands (that sit on the ground).

Vertical Guitar Wall Mount/Hanger

The most common of guitar wall hangers are the ones that allow the guitar to hang straight up and down vertically along the wall. The vertical wall mount is a popular way to hang/store a guitar for a number of reasons (which we dive into below in the “benefits” section).

Some hangers are just a guitar hook with an open front while other guitar hanging hooks have a locking mechanism (some are auto-locking) to keep the neck from sliding off the hooks and having the guitar come crashing down.

Often times, the guitar hooks can move to create a larger gap to accommodate a wider guitar neck (like a classical guitar) or the hooks can swivel to accommodate a guitar head that is angled (like on an electric guitar headstock).

It’s also important to note that the hooks and their respective mounting base allow the guitar to sit a few inches off the wall – but this gap varies from wall hanger to wall hanger.

So, the nature of the vertically-hanging guitar hooks/hangers means that a number of different instruments can be stored this way – from standard acoustic guitars to bass guitars. Depending on how you mount the guitar hook, a vertical hanger can also be used to store a ukulele, a mandolin, or even a violin.

If you want to have a look at a really good guitar wall mount, it’s no secret that Hercules wall hangers are a reliable option. Before you buy a vertically-hanging guitar hanger, be sure to check if the hooks will work for your instrument(s).

Tilted/Horizontal Guitar Wall Hanger

For a slightly less common way of hanging guitars, there’s the horizontal wall hanger. Horizontal wall guitar mounts allow the guitar to – unsurprisingly – sit more horizontal against the wall.

These hangers have a number of pros and cons compared to guitar holders that allow the instrument to hang vertically. A pro is that the guitar now has two points of contact to the wall – and this might add stability to the hold on the guitar as it sits up on the wall.

A con is that the upper wall holder on the neck of the guitar may increase unnecessary tension on the neck over time. It kind of depends on the angle at which you install the hooks and the tilt the guitar rests at when it sits on the wall.

There are only a few examples of this type of guitar wall hanger so check out the RawRock Horizontal Guitar.

Hanging Guitar Rack

For those guitarists looking for a multiple guitar hanger, a multi guitar wall hanger is another popular variation of the classic wall mount for guitar. These racks simply hold a number of guitars in a uniformed fashion (using padded hooks) to get them off the floor and also to display numerous instruments.

One consideration of a hanging guitar rack is that with so much extra weight, you really need to be sure you have installed any wall guitar racks correctly and securely into the wall studs.

If this kind of instrument wall hanger sounds good to you – because you have multiple guitars needing to be hung -, check out the String Swing 5 Guitar Hanger.

How to Hang a Guitar on the Wall

For those considering a guitar holder for the wall, we’ve included a short section on general tips on how to mount a guitar (and it’s respective holder) to the wall. We plan on writing a much longer guide on mounting different guitar wall hangers to different types of walls.

  • In our opinion, any wall hangers for guitar should be secured into the wall using a stud (the wood in the wall) and not screwed into the drywall. Even if the instructions for a wall hanger say drywall-only is fine and they include hardware (drywall plugs/screws), we would still anchor anything that is weight-bearing to the solid wall behind.
  • If you are inexperienced in finding studs in a wall, you should utilize a stud finder or hire a handyman who can do it for you.
  • If your wall is made of concrete block or brick, this is also a sturdy option for hanging a guitar. However, you will need to pre-drill holes and use wall plug/anchors to avoid cracking the brick and creating a hole you cannot use to fasten the guitar hook to later.
  • Another step to ensure a successful and strong guitar wall mount is to mount the guitar hook to another piece of wood and then mount that wood to your wall.
  • You could make your own DIY guitar wall hanger with materials you have (wood, hooks, etc) but unless you are very handy, we’d suggest just buying a wall-mounted guitar hanger so you don’t accidentally damage your guitar or the wall.

3 Benefits Of Using A Guitar Wall Hanger

For those still on the fence about whether a guitar wall hanger is a useful investment, here are a number of benefits of using a reputable guitar hook or wall mounted guitar rack.

From providing great storage solutions to offering some protection to the guitar, there are plenty of great reasons why you’d buy one (for yourself or as a gift for the guitar lover in your life).


The largest and most functional benefit of wall-mounted guitars is that the otherwise unused wall makes for great guitar storage space. Whichever type of guitar wall hanger you buy, your guitar won’t just be tossed on the ground or lean up against a piece of furniture.

Overall, wall mounted guitar hangers make for a solid guitar hanging system that is a great way to store guitars up off the floor and out of their cases. Your guitar will be much more secure in an upright position as it hangs from the neck/headstock. This is especially good if you have kids or animals running around your place – guitars can be safer locked up on the wall out of reach!

For those with many guitars, hanging guitar racks are particularity good at storing guitars this way since they keep guitars in a neat and orderly fashion. These racks also usually take up a reduced area/footprint in your room which can really free up floor space.


Another reason why you’d get a wall guitar hanger is to display guitars. Guitar enthusiasts are usually very passionate about their music and their instruments. A sharp-looking guitar wall display can really accent a room, show off a guitar collection, and help the guitars become a great conversation piece.

In fact, there are lots of great guitar hanging ideas that you can absolutely get creative with. There is more than one way to actually mount the guitars to the wall!

Sometimes, the guitar hanger itself can be quite cool or unique looking. There are some decorative wall hangers (like the MOODVE wall hanger) that not only hold the guitar but also add a bit of decor detail to the room. There are also some really nice wooden guitar hangers that can fit in well with lots of different room styles.


Lastly – and this is something we alluded to before – a guitar wall hanger can offer your guitar some protection from dangers on the ground. However, this assumes that your guitar hanger is mounted properly and securely and that the guitar is placed on the hooks correctly!

One thing to note about wall hanging guitars is that they may be more susceptible to changes in humidity (compared to in their case). This factor, however, also really depends on where you live and the moisture levels in your house. Generally speaking, this is something to keep an eye on for hollow-body guitars like acoustics or classical guitars.

5 Things To Look For In A Good Guitar Wall Hanger

Eve though many of the wall hangers are very similar in design and function, there are still a number of buying factors you should have a think about as you do your buying.

Correct Size/Shape for the Guitar

One very important consideration is whether the wall hanger you choose will fit the guitar/instrument you own. This is less of a problem than with floor guitar stands since most hooks hang the guitar by the neck (and the hooks are adjustable) but it’s still something to consider.

If the guitar hooks have a fixed width and your classical guitar’s neck is wider than that distance, chances are that wall hanger isn’t going to work! That said, many of the guitar hooks do have adjustable sizes and/or the ability to swivel to fit many different neck and headstock sizes and shapes.


Definitely have a look at what the wall mount – both the hooks and the base – are made from. Wooden guitar wall mounts look great and can be very structurally sound, but not all wooden guitar hangers are created equally. In the case of cheaper wood or particleboard construction, a metal or hard plastic guitar hanger might be a stronger choice.

Another thing to look at is what kind of hanging hardware (screws, wall plugs, anchors, etc) the guitar hanging system comes with. Not all screw lengths will work for all walls so it’s important to be critical as to whether the included hardware will work for you and your wall.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and/or go to a hardware store to get proper screws, tools, or drywall plugs – it could save you having to pay to repair a wall and a broken guitar down the road.

Moving Parts/Neck Locking Mechanism

Be sure to have a look at any of the moving parts on a new guitar hanger. Moving parts include the hooks themselves if they swivel/rotate to fit different guitars. Other moving pieces include the various types of locking mechanisms on the hooks.

These locking mechanisms hold the guitar neck in place while it hangs from the hooks. In the case of an accidental bumping, a guitar with a locked hook is less likely to be knocked off the wall and damaged.

Different wall hangers have different locking mechanisms – from little rubber stoppers to full-on little “auto-locking” plastic tabs that form a gate to close off the hook’s opening.

Scratch Protection

One last note about materials – basically all guitar hangers (the hooks themselves) are coated in a material that will help to avoid scratching the neck and headstock. Often this material is foam but some guitar hooks make use of thin rubber.

One other thing to note about hook materials that contact the guitar’s finish: some materials – like some rubbers – can have an adverse effect on some guitars that have a nitrocellulose lacquered finish – or what is known as a “nitro finish”.

If your guitar has a nitro finish, be sure to read up on the specific wall hanger you want to buy to see if the product addresses this small consideration. If you are unsure, you could also cover the hooks with another material – like a thin piece of felt or fleece.


Lastly, be sure to consider the price and the quality of the guitar wall hanger you’re interested in. Find out where it’s made and read reviews for whether it’s a reputable product with happy users. Price doesn’t always dictate quality – but it can be a factor to consider for sure.

Some cheap wall mounts for guitars can be as little as $5 to 10 while the more expensive wall mounts for guitars cost around $20. You should think of wall hangers as an investment that will keep your usually more expensive guitar/instrument safe and secure on the wall for years to come.

And there you have it – a rundown of some of the best guitar wall hangers on the market. Wall hangers are a great purchase and when installed correctly can be super functional and worth-while. Just remember to consider your guitar type, your wall to hang on, and your budget – and you’ll likely find a guitar wall hanging system that works well for you!

As always, Happy Strumming,


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