Whether you’re a beginner looking to pick up a guitar or an intermediate player who wants decent advice, this Crew is for you.

Looking to get into stringed instruments as a hobby? Wanting to up your play with a new pedal? Whether you just want to know the basics or you are looking to take your skills to a higher level, The String Crew has got your back.

My name is Eric, and I am the founder of The String Crew. I’ve been playing guitar for almost 15 years and have an extensive music background. You could say that I have a passion for all things music.

The String Crew is a resource for those with a love for music and a passion for learning about guitar. It is our vision to become a top knowledge holder on guitars and ukuleles – basically things with strings that you don’t need a bow to play.

When it comes to learning about guitars and taking on music as a hobby, having the right gear can make or break your first impressions. The right guitar and the right set-up for you can be the sole factor that keeps you in it when you are just starting off. That’s why I’m here to help you make those gear buying decisions – so that you don’t get frustrated and just stop.

The other important thing to remember is that this skill set takes time to build. But with enough practice and repetition, you will get there. Remember: Anyone who ever used strings to dazzle you on YouTube or amazed you live in person at one point picked up their instrument for the first time. Let that sink in.

Meet The Crew


I played a brass instrument for years in a chamber band and I even – unashamed to admit – sung in a choir for a number of years. Musically, I like to think that I know my way around a circle of fifths. But it was the guitar that changed everything for me.

My introduction to acoustic guitar was very much by accident. I was 16 when a friend came over to my house and brought her guitar. She handed me a pick and moved my fingers into a weird shape that she said was for a “G” chord. Little did I know I was getting my first guitar lesson. Well over a decade later, I’ve been strumming and picking ever since.

Technically speaking, I cover different “things with strings” but the acoustic guitar is where my true passion lies.

I’ve also played around on electric guitar and know the chords on a ukulele to bring a song I know on acoustic to life. I’ve tested lots of different types of gear (picks, straps, tuners, etc.), learned to do my own guitar maintenance, and watched the instrument space change over the years.